Engage your sales team with timely notifications!

Hyperlinks to key locations on your web site can alert the assigned sales person to take action.

Instant alerts, by email, text messaging and scheduled actions, can be set from a single click to a page!

Smart Alerts

Notifications include all the information your team needs to effectively follow-up. No matter where they are, they will have contact information along with campaign details so that they can effectively react.

Include as many people on your team as you wish. Collaboration between and inside and outside sales has never been easier.

Where did they go after the first click?

See the path your web site visitors are taking as they respond to all your email campaigns.

Pages viewed and return visits are continously monitored to provide more insight into their true interests.

Web Site Visitor Monitoring - "Going Beyond The Click"

Keep your sales team in the know with details of pages viewed by those responding to your campaigns.   What better way to be prepared for sales follow-ups that can be on target based upon interest shown..

We site visitor behavior is tracked for each person who responds to any of your campaigns and is visible at anytime on the company account in GoldMine.

Make it easy for your campaign recipients to engage with your sales team!

Action Requests. Literature fulfillment. Event Registration.  No forms to fill out.

Just one click notifies the right people or gets information into the hands of those who need it;  And your team is notified instantly.

Call To Action - Engage Recipients From A Click

You already have their information so don't waste their time asking them to fill out forms.  Let your recipients get what they need with just one mouse click.  Increase the liklihood of response and enable timely follow-up for your sales and marketing team with interactive, call to action hyperlinks added to your email campaigns!

Prioritize your opportunities!

Assign scores based upon what is most important to your company.

Lead Scoring

Whether its specific pages they visit, types of actions they take or even what they download or view, you can tally a score and take action where appropriate.

Our lead scoring module assigns values as results are tracked. Surface the best leads, either by company or specific contacts, as they respond to your campaigns.  See OPPORTUNITY GAPS based upon higher digital response scores versus levels of interaction you have with your clients and prospects. It's all tallied within your CRM in real time, allowing timely action to be taken!

Go beyond tracking and add process automation to the mix!

Assign a process from a click to initiate a drip marketing track.

Keep everyone "in the loop" as action and reaction is monitored from your automated campaign follow-up!

Triggered Automation

Leverage the power of process automation within your CRM system. Automated processes can be instantly assigned based upon tracking you designate in any given campaign.

Everything is controlled from within your CRM system  and results are instantly visible to your team as they interact with your customers and prospects.