Quickly Identify Sales Opportunities
Using Interactive Digital Marketing

IntelliClick offers a very cost effective, B2B email and web site marketing solution.  Use information from your preferred list source to send interactive email marketing campaigns. Leverage instant alerts and person specific web site browsing details to get meaningful insights into their purchase interests. Virtually any ERP, accounting, CRM, spreadsheet or other address book applications such as Outlook can be used as your list source.

No need to upload your data, so it is always securely stored within your system. Use any exported fields to personalize your messages. Create your HTML messages with any tool you choose.  If you don't already have preferred HTML editor, we will provide a simple drag and drop editor that creates mobile and email client optimized templates with ease.

Complete analytics on your campaigns is automatically delivered by email at time intervals and to the recipients you designate. 

A special Forward To Others option allows your message to be passed along by your mailing recipients. Learn more about the unique features offered within our module to help your company organically build your mailing list.


Email and/or text message alerts notify your sales team at the moment of interest, reducing missed opportunities!


Lead scoring, using multiple engagement measurements, helps your organization optimize your sales team's time


"One Click" event registration, literature fulfillment and action requests enable timely follow-up; Engage your sales team at the moment of interest!


Go beyond Google Analytics! View a complete overview of pages visited, specific to those who click your web site links; Focus and prioritize your follow-up to those most interested


IntelliClick combines the security of on-premise software with the efficiency and scalability of the cloud. Enjoy all the features you expect from an email marketing system including open, click and unsubscribe tracking. Included is a generous gallery of HTML email templates, a powerful online editor and effective email delivery services. Message and landing page branding is entirely exclusive to your organization.

Go beyond the basics with IntelliClick's interactive capabilities that start a "real time" dialogue with your target audience. Alerts, special "one click" call to action links and analytics allow your organization to be laser focused on the best opportunities at the most opportune time. Use our "top leads" metrics to identify who is ready to buy and when. Click here to see a complete comparison with other email service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Page Visitor Tracking

A special web site page navigation feature adds to the power of your campaigns, sent directly from your PC.  Benefit from "digital body language" to prioritize recipient interests in each of your campaigns. View our brief  webinar presentation video recording to learn more.


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