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Convert Web Site Vistors Into New Business Opportunities 

Capture leads from your web site and seamlessly integrate them to your GoldMine CRM.  Drive new opportunities to your sales team and arm them with web page visit details from the moment they first visit your site.  VisTrack pulls together anonymous web visitor activity and instantly add new contacts to your CRM system. 


Tightly integrated inbound marketing and anonymous web visitor tracking is now available for GoldMine CRM. This capability can be used on its own or combined with the IntelliClick Email Marketing solution. Either way, results are stored in your database in real time!

Existing or new forms on your web site instantly add contacts to GoldMine with a complete summary of their prior anonymous page browsing history.  Details of how visitors were referred are tracked and reported (i.e. organic search, social media, pay-per-click, etc.). Lead follow-up and drip marketing can be triggered using GoldMine built-in workflow automation capabilities. Timely follow-up can be enabled with email alerts sent to designated recipients the moment a new contact is added. 

VisTrack offers a cost competitive solution to other inbound marketing alternatives like HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On and many others. 


Inbound Marketing

VisTrack enhances IntelliClick's interactive email marketing capabilities with web site lead generation to engage your sales team and increase their business opportunity funnel.

Prioritized Leads

Capture & priortize leads based upon information gathered from initial vists to your web site. Learn how they found you and what interests them based upon their browsing history.

Workflow Automation

Trigger workflow automation from email campaigns or web form submissions. An effective way to immediately start drip marketing campaigns and timely lead follow-up. 


Comprehensive reports and dashboards provide insights on your web site traffic. Results help you measure sales conversion and identify which sources are delivering the best ROI.


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