Benefit from interactive email marketing campaigns that provide immediate feedback from your target audience. Engage your sales team with email and text message alerts to allow them timely follow-up with sales opportunities. 

No time or resources to get this done? IntelliClick's  "turn key" service gets it done for you, leveraging the power of IntelliClick For GoldMine.  

We Prepare, Send and Track your email campaigns while your company focuses on opportunities identified through IntelliClick email/text message alerts, reports and dashboards.

All for one simple flat fee per campaign.


Your company provides us with the images, content and desired layout, easily prepared in Word, Excel or Publisher. We take this input to prepare and send your campaign with services that include:

  1. Tracking and integration technology installed for use within your computer environment
  2. Mobile optimized email message templates are prepared and provided for your approval
  3. Campaign tracking is applied to capture opens, clicks, unsubscribes, web page visitor browsing and "one click" call to actions for literature fulfillment or action requests
  4. Optional email and/or text message alerts are applied to specific links within your message to notify your sales team for timely follow-up
  5. We send your mailing on the date and time you designate through our email service partner; CANSPAM compliance is observed by excluding prior unsubscribe or hard bounce email addresses, both of which are automatically tracked on your behalf
  6. Instant result reporting is available to your organization from within GoldMine or via automated reports emailed to your designated recipients

Automated Integration

Use the latest information in your GoldMine database to send and manage email campaigns without the need to upload or refresh your data anywhere else. We work with you to setup IntelliClick For GoldMine and take all the necessary steps to get your email campaign messages to your target audience. Results immediately start flowing to your GoldMine database as recipients react!


Web Page Visitor Tracking

Go beyond the "first click" and see all your web site pages visited by your audience from each campaign. This digital body lanaguage adds valuable information that helps you prioritize leads from each campaign.

One Click "Call To Action"

Use our one click options to instantly send literature or to request  follow-up action. Automation provided by IntelliClick instantly handles these responses and makes it easy to keep your audience engaged.

Timely Response

Results of your email campaigns are added to GoldMine instantly. Get a complete picture of your recipient interests as they react and alert your sales team by email, text or scheduled actions for timely follow-up.

Merge & Send Engine

The IntelliSend module assembles the mailing using groups prepared in GoldMine.  Email addresses that are flagged as either unsubscribe or undeliverable (hard bounce) from past mailings are automatically flagged and excluded as mailings are sent.

Email Address Integrity

Bounce management functionality maintains the integrity of the email addresses stored in your GoldMine database. Hard bounce undeliverable messages are monitored and action taken to update records needing attention. 


  • Integration Technology For GoldMine
  • UNLIMITED "Send On Behalf Of" Accounts
  • UNLIMITED Contacts Tracked
  • COMPLETE Result Tracking For ALL Contacts
  • On-going "Known" Web Site Visitor Tracking
  • One Click "Call To Action" & Alert Options
  • Designated Email Sending Account For Your Company
  • Email Address Integrity Management
  • Mobile Optimized, Email Template Preparation
  • Message Preparation Using Your Preferred Software
  • Mailings To Your Designated Target Audience
  • Option To Send From Other Sources Using A CSV File
  • On-Demand & Automated Reporting
  • Special Real Time Results Dashboard


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